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Western Comedy Club

About us:
We’re the funniest group on campus! We do any and all things funny, improv, sketches, stand up, goofs, you name it! We’ve had a dedicated group of comedians for years now, and hold weekly improv meetings.

Improv Club: We do improv at weekly meetings, both Canadian Improv Games-style and Whose Line Is It Anyways-style. If you did improv at high school, or if you’re interested in learning good performance skills then come on down! No previous experience required. We’ve been asked to do workshops for business clubs on improv skills too! It’s a great way to work on staying cool under pressure. We also do shows!
** Improv will be on Monday nights from 7-9pm

Write Club: This is where the written word gets awesome. Here we write sketches, videos, stand-up and anything else. It’s a smaller, laid back and packed with hillarity. Looking to workshop a short play you’ve written? Punch up a sketch? Make a hillarious YouTube video? WE DO IT ALL. It’s a great place to practice creative writing and collaborative stuff. The best part? We have a huge show where we put it all on!
** Write Club will be Thursday nights from 7-9pm

The Improv Team: This is a dedicated group of students who represent Western in competitions around Southern Ontario and Quebec against other schools (Such as McGill, Brock and UofT). We hold try-outs in October, and have a final team of 8-10 people. We do plenty of training sessions beforehand though, and have taken on people with experience and people who just started. Come on out!

COMEDY@CAMPUS: We will work together this year to give you quality workshops that are engaging and will improve your skills Follow our instagram for more information @westerncomedyclub!

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