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Western University Vegan Society

About Us:

The Western University Vegan Society is an inclusive community working towards a peaceful world, free from violence and discrimination towards all animals – human and non. We promote the abolition of animal exploitation through creative, nonviolent vegan education. The essence of veganism is nonviolence and respect for others. Nonhuman animals are sentient beings who value their lives and have interests similar to ours. They shouldn’t be the property (things) of another. Therefore, vegans do not eat, wear or exploit animals for any purposes. WUVS seeks to empower others to becomes agents of positive social change and encourage them to live in accordance with their values. We can all agree that inflicting unnecessary suffering and death on animals is wrong, yet most of us still participate in this unnecessary harm by using animals. We welcome anyone interested in engaging in open-minded, positive and inclusive dialogue about the ethical, environmental, health, and other social justice issues associated with our use of nonhuman animals. Throughout the year we will be hosting a variety of educational and social events. These will include presentations by acclaimed activists and authors, workshops, film screenings, potlucks, dinner outings, sanctuary visits, and vegan outreach initiatives. We offer a supportive environment where everyone is welcome, especially those who are curious about veganism. We hope you will join us in building a more just, peaceful and nonviolent world.


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