Western Ski & Snowboard Club

About us: 
The objective of the Western Ski & Snowboard Club is to provide exciting and unique opportunities for students to enjoy the sport of skiing and snowboarding through community building. We focus on organizing trips throughout the school year to various resorts and locations, including students of all experience levels and backgrounds. Our primary vision is to create a sense of connection amongst members and to impart students with memories of skiing and snowboarding in their university experience. Western Ski & Snowboard Club will host various social events throughout the school year and ski trips during the winter season that are tailored to all interested students, regardless of skill level. Our mission for the Western Ski & Snowboard Club is to bring students together and bond over something we all call home. We want our members to feel welcomed and to create lasting friendships with those who share the same love of skiing and snowboarding. The Western Ski & Snowboard Club gives the opportunity for every undergraduate student a chance to enjoy the winters sports they love.