Community Volunteering/Philanthropy

The Duke of Edinburgh Club

About Us:

The Western Duke of Edinburgh’s Club was created to give UWO students an avenue to begin and complete their involvement with the Internationally recognized Duke of Edinburgh Award. The club facilitates and encourages students to grow their interests through individually oriented skill development, community service, physical fitness and expeditions/explorations. Within the purpose of the club is to form a social environment that brings together students with similar interests, creating an atmosphere of encouragement, experience sharing, and dedication. The club will facilitate networking between our club members and other local, national, and international organizations.

The award is achieved by students making a bimonthly commitment to take part in physical recreation, community volunteering, and personal skill development of their choice. The award is internationally recognized for developing individuals who are dedicated, interesting, and active within their communities. It leaves requirements open-ended for students to decide their activities based upon their interests, and it also allows students to complete the award at their own pace. The Western Duke of Edinburgh’s Club is meant for UWO students to become involved, build a strong campus community, and to develop their own personal interests through this unique opportunity.


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