Community Volunteering/Philanthropy

Empower UWO

About us:
Empower seeks to remove barriers from underprivileged women in the London community, such as abused women, single mothers and homeless women. Women in these situations are not given the opportunities for success as many others are, and so our club strives to help level the playing field through three main goals. First, is to bring awareness to the difficulties that are faced by women in these situations. This gives new perspective to lesser known issues in our very own city. Second, is to give students the opportunity to directly engage with these women. We believe that a deeper understanding and appreciation is built when we are able to see the change we are making in the lives of others. Lastly, this club strives to empower women, through the support of students we hope to show women that they are capable of moving past the rough parts of their lives and move forward to embrace success. Additionally, Empower will be about personal female empowerment and growth. We believe that it is empowered women that can truly empower other women, so working on that personal empowerment is extremely important too!

More Information:

Instagram: @empoweruwo