Community Volunteering/Philanthropy

Canadian Feed the Children

About us:
Western’s CFTC is a charity club directly affiliated with Toronto’s Canadian Feed The Children. We advocate for food security, education, and the general well being of children in resource-poor communities, such as Bolivia, Ethiopia, Ghanda, Uganda, and many more! CFTC takes a community-led approach to development, working through local partners to achieve long-term change for children & families. Throughout the year, you will find us hosting events on-campus, off-campus, and virtually with the goal of raising funds and awareness, in order to promote food security, education & capacity building programs across the globe! Our direct impacts include removing barriers to education for children, and especially girls; helping parents grow and sell their own food, earning the income needed to support and nourish their children; and supporting micro-finance initiatives that provide participants – particularly women – with business and finance skills. If Canadian Feed the Children sounds like a charity you would like to support, we are always welcoming new club members! We look forward to meeting you soon.

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