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Association of Role Players

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The Western Association of Role Players is a vibrant community with the goal of encouraging the enjoyment of tabletop role-playing games (TTRPGs). These are verbal storytelling games that you play with dice and paper and a group of your friends! We have a wide variety of events to help folks find games to join, to learn more about TTRPGs, and to foster community. Our year starts with Introcon, which is free for everyone to attend. Gamekeepers will pitch their games, and you get to chat with them and pick a game you’d like to join. Or you can be the one to pitch your game and gather players! After that, we host a number of one-shot conventions, where we gather to play themed one-shots that our members have put together. We also partake in a multi-university game night called Dungeons, Dragons and Donations, to raise money for charity! You can also come learn more about TTRPGs and how to better your skills as a player and gamekeeper in our WARP workshops. And this year, we’ll have some extra surprise activities that we can’t wait to share with you. Come roll some dice with us this year!


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