Western Soccer Association

About us:
The Western Soccer Association is a ratified USC club at the University of Western Ontario that strives This club in the past has grown to over 200 members and will continue to bring fans and players together to enjoy the beautiful sport of soccer. The WSA functions to serve its members as a platform to play, view, and even “game” this sport – essentially, we strive to hit on every facet that we can to provide members with the best all-around experience. This is accomplished through numerous recreational games on campus, a prized indoor tournament organized in the second half of the school year, intramural teams for members, and conferences organized for those interested in pursuing a career in soccer! The club also organizes social events such as the viewing of live Premier League and Champions League games at on-campus bars, a fantasy soccer league, FIFA tournaments, pick-up games, and more. Visit our Facebook page for more details and updates.

More Information: