Western Soccer Association

About us: 

Hey Western! Ready to experience soccer fever like NEVER before? ⚡ Welcome to THE ultimate soccer hub at Western! This year is going to be BIG with an electrifying lineup of 45 events – that’s a goal every week!

Membership? 🎫 A no-brainer! We’ve dropped it to the lowest possible price ($5.00), but guess what? Our massive community of soccer lovers ensures we’ve got the funds to deliver jaw-dropping events & MASSIVE prizes!

⚽ Dive into the Universe of Soccer with us:
🔥 Play Mode On: Jump in for weekly pick-up/drop-in sessions all through fall!
🏆 Tournaments: Challenge yourself in our monthly 7v7 tournaments & fight to win our iconic WSA trophy!
🍿 Spectator Mode: Sit back, relax & enjoy the big games throughout the year with us!
🚌 COME WATCH MESSI: Toronto beckons as we witness TFC challenge Lionel Messi & his Inter Miami side!
🍺 Social Butterfly? Mingle at our bar nights or join one of our intramural teams as a free agent!
🤓 Nerd Nights: Trivia, jeopardy, and more – all without having to break a sweat!
💜 Make a Difference: Help out your community during our charity events!
⚡ Skill Up: Elevate your game with training sessions led by varsity giants and compete in our skill challenges!
🎮 FIFA Masters: Show off at our monthly EA FC 24 tournaments!
📊 Football Guru: Dive deep into analytics & challenge yourself with fantasy teams, match predictions & tournament brackets!
🎁 Membership Perks: Save $5 on ALL paid events! Just one event & your membership pays for itself – then you’re scoring savings on every one after that!

💰 Where’s Your Money Going? Our 26 dedicated execs are here volunteering their magic, ensuring every penny levels up your experience! Expect larger venues, drool-worthy catering, epic prizes, and FREE events (yes, you heard right – from FIFA tourneys to drop-in soccer and more)!

📣 Huge shoutout for tuning in! 🙌 Can’t wait to see you making waves at Clubs Week and all our events. Check out our LinkTree for our socials, event sign-up forms, director applications, mailing list registration, and our tentative events schedule! 

🔥 Score big by joining WSA!!

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