Western Ontario Organization of Filipinos

About us:
Hello Pamilya! WOOF is a student-run organization that prides itself in promoting Filipino culture here at Western University. It is a place to find meaningful friendships during your university career, that will last a lifetime. Our club is based on four pillars: ARTS, CULTURE, COMMUNITY, AND CHARITY. The club welcomes everyone with open arms, whether you are Filipino or not! WOOF is not just a place for Filipino culture, but also a place to find a family away from home; a place to find friendships that you will forever cherish! We know that school, especially during these unprecedented times, can be hard. Let WOOF be a place that will always be there for you! Come and join us this fall to have a fun-filled year!

More Information:

Come and join the WOOF exec team to be more involved and gain leadership experience:

Check us out on Instagram @woof.uwo and on Facebook: to keep up to date throughout the year!Thank you and see you! Mabuhay! Love & Pride, WOOF