Music/Performing Arts

Spider Music Collective

About us: 

Ever wondered how to make music? No, not reading nor writing squiggly lines on a grid. We’re focused on the kind that never escapes you: what you listen to on your phone, in your car, in the club, in TV ads, and the like. The Spider Music Collective is the one and only community at UWO that provides the opportunities to learn how to digitally produce music with educational workshops, network through our social events, and receive exclusive guidance from real leaders in the modern music industry. Better yet, we firmly stand by the notion that NOBODY needs ANY music background at all to benefit from our collective. Spider’s educational curriculum is refined to be inclusive to the variety of creative minds populating our campus, not exclusive to those with advanced technical skills. So basically, there’s a place for everyone in our web; including you.

Come weave your web with Spider – we’ll provide you the tools to bring out the musical creativity you never knew you had.

More Information: 

E: [email protected]