Western Algorithmic Trading Club

About us:
Western Algorithmic Trading Club is a student-run organization that aims to utilize quantitative solutions in the trading industry here at Western University. Western Algo’s priority is student engagement in our projects, events, and seminars. We aim to inform our campus about the future of quantitative strategies through peer-to-peer informational sessions, hands-on projects with like-minded students, and guest speakers with industry knowledge gained in the field. We welcome students from all faculties, no matter the level of proficiency in coding. With projects ranging from Machine Learning, Valuation, and Cryptocurrency, we offer a variety of projects for our members to take part in. Whether you’re just learning the definition of quantitative analysis today or have been coding for years, Western Algo takes pride in welcoming all students with something to spark everyone’s interest in what quantitative strategies and algorithmic trading have in store for the future.

More Information: