Western Chamber Music

Winter Concert:

The WCM family was thrilled to host its very first virtual concert on November 29, 2020 and please to host a large audience from London and abroad! The WCM winter concert showcased the many musical talents in our small ensembles who explored a diverse range of repertoire: from Baroque, Classical, jazz to Disney classics, there was something for everyone. Our members demonstrated significant passion, dedication and perseverance in navigating new challenges brought by virtual rehearsals. If you are passionate about making music and want to meet others who are also committed to staying connected during the pandemic with music, the WCM family welcomes you!

Games and Movie Nights:

This past semester we have hosted games (i.e. Trivia, Among Us) and movie nights (i.e. Mamma Mia), giving a chance for members to socialize, relax and unwind.

For the winter semester, our executive team plans to offer a broader range of activities for WCM members. These include but are not limited to games and movie nights, music & meditation, and guest speakers to share topics such as music and mental health during pandemic, and masterclasses.