Swing Kids

Online Routine Classes:

After the pandemic, we joined a project called “Swing Dance Collective – London, Ontario” on facebook to learn a routine “Tranky Doo”. It was amazing to see dancers posting videos of themselves doing the routine as they progressed! This upcoming semester we plan to have zoom classes, so it will mostly be synchronous classes on solo jazz which you can do solo and wherever you want! In social dances, with your friends to some good old jazz, in the kitchen while cooking or in the shower (Disclaimer for the shower: do it on your own risk! 🙂 Looking forward to having a great semester with you all!

Social Dance:

We used to have social dances once every two weeks with Swing London and have been to different cities like Waterloo for a night full of dancing and fun. Last year, we also had our social dance in UCC with music, food, a beginner lesson for newcomers and afterwards a great social dance! It was awesome to have dancers smile, meet new people, eat and then more dancing! We hope to go back to those days as soon as possible!