Student Energy at Western University

JCM Power Case Competition:

Student Energy at Western University (SEWU) hosted the JCM Power Case Competition on November 14th. This event saw multiple teams compete to perform the best energy market analysis of their assigned country. Teams presented their recommendation of whether to pursue renewable energy projects in this market to analysts from JCM Power, a renewable energy project developer operating in emerging markets. The top two teams received cash prizes, as well as a networking opportunity with JCM Power.

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Movie Night: There’s Something in the Water:

SEWU members joined our Advocacy team in a viewing of ‘There’s Something in the Water’, hosted via Netflix Party. The documentary follows Elliot Page as he highlights and explores the different communities being impacted by environmental racism in Nova Scotia. During the film, viewers had the chance to share their thoughts on a variety of questions related to the documentary facilitated by the advocacy team.

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