Stem Cell Club

‘I’m In For Jocelyn’ Campaign:

This past August, we lost a valued member of the Western community, Jocelyn McGlynn, to acute myelomonocytic leukemia. A stem cell recipient herself, Jocelyn was a passionate advocate for stem cell donation. She organized many drives with the help of her family and friends to encourage people to swab and join Canada’s OneMatch registry. To honour her life, Western Stem Cell Club has been working closely with the McGlynn family to run a campaign to shed light on the importance of stem cell donation. Through our most popular campaign post, we have reached 33,527 people on Facebook and 6,868 people on Instagram. We have had an estimated 138 people combined from both social media platforms click on the link to the Canadian Blood Services and read more information on the sign-up process for stem cell donation.

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‘Best Swabbing Club’ Contest:

One important goal of the Western Stem Cell Club is to raise awareness of the need for stem cell donation, and especially the need for increased ethnic representation on the stem cell registry. A lack of ethnic representation on the donor registry disproportionately disadvantages persons of ethnic minority as it makes it much harder for them to find a compatible stem cell donor. So far, Western Stem Cell Club has partnered with campus organizations such as Ethnocultural Services and Western Future Black Physicians to reach out to groups that are underrepresented on the donor registry. This semester, we introduce the “Best Swabbing Club” contest, which aims to foster friendly competition amongst clubs at Western to find the club with the greatest percentage of members signed up to the national stem cell registry. We have several engaging educational material and posts planned to help clubs promote the importance of stem cell donation to their members. There will be prizes awarded to the Best Swabbing Club!