Music/Performing Arts

Spoken Word Society

About us:
Spoken Word Society is a congregation of artists. We open our gates to anyone wanting to tell their side of the story, the things they are desperate to scream off of rooftops and the things they want to simply write and keep to themselves. In that mission, we are indiscriminate.Our goals are two fold: to introduce newcomers to the fascinating world of poetry and to provide a forum for more experienced poets.We hold weekly workshops throughout the academic year exploring the world of Poetry. Here, we will focus on both the written and performance aspects of poetry and develop our crafts as Spoken Word Artists. Each workshop will feature prompts based on that weeks theme and a specfic technical aspect associated with performance.Spoken Word Society will also host a number of Open Mics and Slams over the year, as well as a series of slams spanning the entire campus. As a club, we will also attend Spoken Word events organized by other entities across the campus providing our support, as well as, hopefully, snagging some prizes.

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