Pakistani Students’ Association (PSA)

PSA’s Jeeto Pakistan – Games Night:

This event brought together our PSA community to compete as teams in some fun games and win prizes. The teams competed with each other in exciting games of Among Us, Family Feud, Guess the Song and We ended the night with a grand game of Jeopardy. The winning teams claimed gift cards of their choice. The participants brought their enthusiasm and competitive spirit to the plate which made the event a night filled with laughter and fun.

Spill the Chai – Destress with PSA:

Spill the Chai was an initiative to talk about the importance of mental health and to break the stigma around this topic in our South Asian/Pakistani community. We were able to have a discussion about how online school is affecting our mental health and what we can do as a community to mitigate these factors. We talked about the importance of mindfulness through activities including meditation and origami. We ended the event with a fun game of Among Us.