Learning Disabilities Awareness Club

Humans with Learning Disabilities :

The Humans with Learning Disabilities is a campaign dedicated to providing individuals with a platform to share their stories. These stories normally entail an individuals experience with a learning disability. This campaign was thought up and put forth by an LDAC member, Leeat Goldenberg. Her and two other LDAC members, Marcus Nandu and Jorge-Alberto Mejia-Lopez are responsible for sharing the stories individuals send in directly to the instagram page. A form is found on the instagram page bio that may be filled out and submitted. Instagram Link: https://https://www.instagram.com/humanswithlds/

Western Words Matter Campaign:

Alida Teodorescu, a UWO student, brought forth a campaign referred to as the Western Words Matter Campaign. This is a campaign dedicated to halting the use of the R-word on campus. Alida has designed a survey to send out to the UWO population regarding their knowledge on the R-word and how this can negatively affect individuals with Intellectual and Physical Disabilities. Using the information from the survey, Alida hopes to change the atmosphere on campus with regards to Intellectual and Physical Disabilities and has asked LDAC to assist with this endeavour. Instagram Link: https://https://www.instagram.com/westernwordsmatter/

Learning About Learning Disabilities (LDs) Campaign:

This campaign is designed to educate individuals on the various learning disabilities (LDs) which exist. This is being done by LDAC members themselves! The LDAC members have chosen an LD they wish to elaborate upon and sent us information sheets. From there, our graphic designer has created amazing infographics to share on our social medias! These posts can be found on our instagram @ldacuwo.usc or our facebook which can be found here: http://fb.me/LDACuwo.usc