Chinese Students’ Association (CSA)

Annual General Meeting 1:

On October 15th, 2020, CSA hosted an annual general meeting for general members over Zoom to virtually engage in fun activities and socialize. The event included ice-breakers and mini-games hosted by CSA executives. Furthermore, the night included a presentation on information about CSA as a club and a quiz/contest reflecting the information presented.

Western Voice 2021:

Western Voice is CSA’s flagship event! It’s a campus-wide singing competition, where 6 contestants compete for the title of winner of Western Voice. Due to COVID restrictions, we are premiering the show on our YouTube channel as a pre-recorded production! We recently held our auditions for Western Voice 2021 in November and have picked our 6 contestants who are competing this year. They’ve been working tirelessly over the Winter break, practicing and recording themselves to ensure that we have a great show in February. So check our Western Voice Facebook page and CSA Instagram, but most importantly, like, comment and subscribe to our YouTube channel! (